Cloud HR Solution

We facilitate you the #1 complete HRM Solutions with Employee Management, Attendance System, Payroll Calculation, and more. Haermes has been supported many companies more than 10 years with a thousand employee. Now, you can manage all your employee data in one place.


Manage a huge human resource

Two version of our HRM software for web and win according to your needs to manage your thousand employees or even more.

Complete modules & features

Provide the most complete modules and features for employee, attendance, payroll, ESS, recruitment, appraisal, claim, training, loan, and etc.

Up-to-date Based on Your Needs

Need a custom module for your company? We can create it special for you at a glance and it will easily adapt with your team.

Support Professional Team

Our support professional team will always collaborate with your team in using our product and help you to get the best experience with us.

Efficient with Competitive Price

The best price of our efficient and complete both modules and features but with a better quality only for you.

Special Features

ESS Web & Mobile

#1 Employee Self-Service with a complete module and Selfie attendance to allow your employee for accessing their needs.

Recruitment Portal (web)

Recruitment process for your company’s needed will be more simple, well-organized, and easier to be accessed by the applicant.

We Give You More

Interactive User Interface

Email Notification Service

Exporting Data to Various Format

Reporting Tools & Customizable

Audit Trials Log History

Security & Permission

Numbering Format Setup

All Data Support import

Third Party Integration

Some clients said something about Haermes

“I satisfy to the service from Haermes support team because they quickly response us when we found any difficulties.”

Assistant Director of Human Resource
(Radisson Hotel Batam)

“Haermes makes me easy by helping my job a lot especially because of the accuracy of payroll calculation. The system is easy and very helpful.”

HR Payroll
(PT Toyo Kanetsu Indonesia)

“Before using Haermes, we spent more time to work manually. But, we work effectively after we use Haermes.”

Payroll Officer
(PT SP Manufacturing)