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What is SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a Human Capital Management tool to support your Human Resource Department in operating and providing the best process for your human resources. SuccessFactors itself focuses on giving talent a great experience by using Talent Management System including Performance Management, Goal Management, and Learning Management System (LMS) that align to your business.

6,700+ customers have been using SAP SuccessFactors in gaining their business.

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Complete Module To Improve Employee Experience Management

Designable system to improve employee engagement, analytical insight to understand the key driver of engagement, and smart AI to improve digital employee experience.

Adaptable System To Fulfil The Needs Of The Right Talent

Develop talent mangement using the most adaptable system. Find the right talent with simple recruiting and onboarding system and align employees with business through performance management.

Actionable Data-Driven Insight To Help In Decision-Making

Create the most strategic planning for your workforce with HR analytic to help you in decision-making. Drive performance using the insight of data-driven in every HR process.

What they said about us.

“SAP Success Factors adalah salah satu pilot project dalam penyempurnaan HR Management System kami. Dengan kemudahan dan kepraktisan dari sistem SF kami berharap dapat membangun performance management system yang efektif dan objektif.”

Diah Puspita
People Development
PT Nipindo Primatama

“It is PPA’s honor to collaborate with Weefer who put great effort and professional service to implement SAP SuccessFactors. We have now improved our appraisal process, growth of the workforce and talent management.”

R. Teguh Saptosubroto
PPA HC Director
PT Putra Perkasa Abadi

“It is iZeno’s honour to have engaged Weefer’s Professional and extra mile services to implement SAP SuccessFactors. It has transformed our appraisal process and more empowered and engage workforce.”

Jason Lin

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