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Let customers reach you from wherever and whenever.

Engage with customers through web, mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more way to go.

Modern Messaging

Freshchat, a Continuous Messaging with Unlimited Contacts

Automate Your Lead Capture

Engage with your customer easily and auto lead captured with bot

Closer to the Goal

Give everything that your team member need to focus on great conversation

Auto-Assign to Right Team

Assign lead to the right member based on keyword, language and more

Act on Metrics in Real-Time

 Get a visual summary and measurement of team performance

Instant and Gratifying Experience for Mobile

 In-App chat on your mobile device anytime with rich media and FAQ

Solution from Inside Messenger

Help visitor from inside the messenger with self-service feature and Multilingual support

Smart Integration with Your Fav Apps

Use Freshchat with your favorite applications like facebook messenger, and many more

Why Choose Us?

All you Need for IT solution

We will assist you until the onboarding process. So, if you encounter a problem, reach us anytime, we’ll gladly to help you out

Customer Satisfaction

We will do our best to give best service to our customer because customer satisfaction is one of the key of our success. Your happiness is our happiness

Support Local Languages

We communicate in plain way that everyone will understand, so rest assured and also we can support you in Indonesian and English

Custom Integrations

Already have favorite apps and want integration instead? Don’t worry, we offer custom integrations with your preferred apps

“Before we had Freshchat and Freshdesk, we were struggling with the growth of customer operations. First Contact Resolution is one of the most important metrics for us. This is where Freshchat helps us incredibly“
Ahmad Johari
Vice President Operations at FinAccel
“After using Freshworks’ solutions, for integrated channels, we are able to tracking all clients/freelancers’ history and serve
them better. Clear agent performance dashboard. Allows management to make decision better“
Ryan Gondokusumo
CEO at Sribu
“Freshworks’ solutions are simple and make us easier to pull data and review customer responses. The canned response feature can help us to answer customer questions accurately and quickly. WhatsApp integration simplifies our team answering customer questions.“
Susanti Santi
Senior Customer Service at HIJUP
“Thank you Freshworks for making our customer service team works easier.“
Key Account Officer / Commercial at Kerry Express Indonesia
“Convenient and easy to use. Thank you Freshworks and Weefer team for facilitating us with such a great feature.“
Gracia Tanzil
CX Lead at Top Remit

Why Freshdesk Messaging?

Modern messaging feel for customers, your leads, web visitor to engage easily.

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