Efficient, Seamless, and Secure Data Protection

AnyBackup offers a cost-effective and exceptionally efficient data safeguarding solution. It grants you the ability to easily adjust capacity according to your needs while guaranteeing adherence to security standards. You have access to expertly managed, multi-level data protection services that expedite your journey towards digital transformation.

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Why Choose Weefer and AnyBackup as Your Digital Transformation Partner?

Cost Effective

  • Source-side duplication saves storage space and bandwidth costs
  • AMS visual interface helps unified O&M and reduce O&M costs

High Efficiency

  • Incremental forever backup, multi-channel backup improve the backup efficiency
  • CDM mounting technology produces multiple virtual copies, support free movement, on-demand mounting, improve disaster recovery efficiency

Flexible Scaling

  • Distributed cluster architecture
  • Computing resources and storage resources can be flexibly expanded

Security Compliance

  • Provide immutable storage, mandatory data retention technology, defend against data tampering and ransomware
  • DRM provides automatic disaster recovery orchestration and drills

AnyBackup, All-in-one Platform that Ensures Your Data Security

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