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Our Collaborations:

To help in transforming your business into digital, we collaborate with SAP SuccessFactors, Freshworks, Lark Suites, Nascence, and G Suites. So you can enjoy running your business with only good products.

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HRIS Software for digitalizing your Human Resource operations such as Employee Database, Payroll calculation, Attendance management, Employee Self-Service, Appraisal Management, and more

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SAP SuccessFactors

Improve your employee engagement through Employee Experience Management, Talent Management, Performance Management, HR Analytic, and Workforce Planning

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Improve your employee engagement with IT service desk which is equipped with features of internal ticketing, asset management, and contract management. Delight your employee with service catalog to fulfil their needs.

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Engage your customer through web, mobile, and social messenger such as Whatsapp, Apple Apple Business Chat, Line, and Facebook Messenger. Delight them with AI and bots automations, and proactive campaign.

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Manage your customers’ needs in helpdesk through ticketing system and make sure your agents provide the best support. Build customer-centric culture and Improve your customer satisfaction.

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Give your sales the right CRM tools to generate more leads. Manage sales through smart pipeline, make sure your sales team focus on high potential leads – those who exhibit sales-ready buying signals and behaviors.

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Manage your expense such as employee request for business trip, cash transaction, and other claim transactions. Make all of the process paperless and integrate it with your HRIS Software to sync employee database

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Employee Health Report will help you to collect health report of your employee during working from home so you can make sure they are in health condition and can work productively as they are in the office.

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Lark Suite

All-in-one collaboration tools with unlimited time of conference audio/video call, creation of docs and sheets, and approval form. Broadcast your internal through Announcement, create polls and survey, and more.

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Strengthen your employee productivity with Google Tools with creation tools such as gdocs, gsheets, gform. Set schedule in calendar and sync it  to all of your employee, personalised your business email address, and more.

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Build Unique Web Applications. Mobile Applications. Or Both.

You need to transform your unique system into digital so we provide you with a unique service to build apps from scratch.

Bodynits International Pte Ltd

Apparel Industry

Developed web and mobile app for controlling fabric named Roll Management System and Inline QC for production management.

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