Employee Engagement

We provide employee engagement solutions to optimize your work environment of the company and create the best culture. You can provide better HR services and build strong employee experience management. Thus, your employee can work productively and give a better contribution to the company.


Haermes is a flexible HRIS software for middle size company to large enterprise for HR management, and provide a flexible payroll system.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors provides you with talent management solutions, employee experience management, and workforce planning analytics.


Swiftclaim helps you to manage your expense using the right tool so you can monitor your claim transaction, cash advance, and travel request.



Freshworks provide you with a simple ticketing system, leads management, and engage your customer better using a modern live-chat tool.



EHR helps you to monitor your employee health condition in the New Normal during COVID19 pandemic to ensure they work productively.

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