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Already have favorite apps and want integration instead? Don’t worry, we offer custom integrations with your preferred apps

“Before we had Freshchat and Freshdesk, we were struggling with the growth of customer operations. First Contact Resolution is one of the most important metrics for us. This is where Freshchat helps us incredibly“
Ahmad Johari
Vice President Operations at FinAccel
“After using Freshworks’ solutions, for integrated channels, we are able to tracking all clients/freelancers’ history and serve
them better. Clear agent performance dashboard. Allows management to make decision better“
Ryan Gondokusumo
CEO at Sribu
“Freshworks’ solutions are simple and make us easier to pull data and review customer responses. The canned response feature can help us to answer customer questions accurately and quickly. WhatsApp integration simplifies our team answering customer questions.“
Susanti Santi
Senior Customer Service at HIJUP
“Thank you Freshworks for making our customer service team works easier.“
Key Account Officer / Commercial at Kerry Express Indonesia
“Easy to use, allowed us to deliver better support to all our users. And always receive fantastic support from the Weefer team at Freshdesk.“
Niken R. Sutiesna
Customer Care Coordinator at
“Freshdesk is very helpful and offers many solution articles. The features we love the most are automations which can improve our productivity.“
Rizky Damayanti Putri
Lead of Customer Development at Dekoruma
“With Freshdesk, our company can manage and improve our client satisfaction as well as transparency process within the company. And the team is very helpful during our first year using this solution. We are looking forward to using more of Freshdesk features that will improve our reporting process as well.“
Wahyu Tri Widodo
Helpdesk Coordinator at Aino Indonesia
“Thank you for bringing Freshdesk to our work!
This is the best way to overcome the thousands of emails we receive every day, this also greatly saved our time in making new tickets.“
Shinta Firmasari
Operation Maintenance Support at Protelindo
“Since we have been using Freshdesk, each issue can be monitored accordingly. It has been improving our SLA's business. Thank you Freshworks for providing such a good solution for our support team.“
Widjaya Hambali
Head of ICT at Sampoerna Kayoe
“Convenient and easy to use. Thank you Freshworks and Weefer team for facilitating us with such a great feature.“
Gracia Tanzil
CX Lead at Top Remit
“Freshdesk is our first customer support tool and we continue to use it for the last 5 years. The ticketing system makes it easier to track all the queries and the automated system helps us to increase our team productivity.
We have seen a Y-on-Y improvement at an average of 18% in our customer handling & effective internal coordination thanks to their knowledge base solution. Thank you Weefer & Freshdesk team for your awesome support.“
Putu Yuliana
Quality Analyst Supervisor
“Thank you for bringing Freshdesk to our work better and faster and more efficiently. With easy use and there are reports for data.
Always success Freshdesk.“
Sabrina Ezra Shasya
Business Support at Beone Optima Solusi
“Thank you, Freshdesk is very user-friendly not only for the end-users but also for us. It is quite helpful for improving the SLA progress in our team.“
Marengga Dwi Hawanti
People Services Specialist at Alterra
“Freshdesk helping us a lot to deliver a great experience to our customers, Freshdesk offers so many features, it's really helping our operation to increase the productivity, at the same time we can manage better interaction and deliver happiness to our customers, also anytime we need help, we always got wonderful support both from Weefer and Freshdesk.“
Maulana Malik Muqorrobun
Customer Experience Manager at Bussr

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