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Weefer & Lark: All-in-one Online Collaboration Tools You Will Need 

You want an effective collaboration to make your team inline with your goals. Looking for online collaboration tools out there on Google will make you find thousands and it will make you more difficult to decide. You may like the one you think it’s good but it might not.

Considering those issues, Weefer collaborates with Lark Suite so you can surf on our website and find all you need in one sight.

Lark Suite is the only all-in-one app you will ever need. That’s how they say on their website and Weefer found that true. However, you definitely want to know more about how it helps your works. These are the following features which based on categories you will be surprised.

#1 Lark for white-collar workers

Your employees may feel stress talking about collaboration. Some of them may feel that they got distracted using too many tools, opening so many tabs, receiving a bulk of notification, and so on.

If you really see those happen in your office, watch how Lark can fix them by the following features.

  • Conduct meetings, corporate announcement through chats, pin important documents
  • Translate from Bahasa Indonesia to English and Chinese to liaise with overseas customers or suppliers.
  • Work (conduct meetings and online document editing) on mobile when caught in a traffic jam.

#2 Lark for blue-collar workers

When you asked, “But how about our remote employees?”.

Yes, we know. Your remote employees may have another requirement. They may purchase the tools they need for doing their task or even fly for a business trip. 

You do not have to get rocky on your head because with Lark, it will get simple. Lark has Super Apps where you can integrate other applications to Lark. You can create your own apps in Lark to make it super for your employee. For example, you can create a claim apps to do reimbursement of expenses.

#3 Lark for students

This will be a kind of surprise for you that Lark not only can work for workers but also for students. In Indonesia, many schools have been aware of the technology which can help their students in the learning process. 

For some cases, living in big cities make students are required to be more active, faster, and accurate. Thus, Lark will help them by its features as follows:

    • Submit homework online when students are caught in a traffic jam. 
    • Attend online classes due to air pollution or haze period. Students also can use Lark video conference and document editing.
    • Translate from Bahasa Indonesia to English to improve students’ skill in English such as adding vocabularies.
  • Post voting and engage students in the class — student can use Lark in class president election. 
Voilà! Whether you are a worker or a student, Lark is made for everyone. For your team, it will work perfectly contented. Do you want to give it a try for this online collaboration tools? Reach us here or there.

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