Penguin Indonesia choose Haermes to overcome their problems

Haermes payroll software has been given the trust to bring solution for Penguin Indonesia, to convert their payroll outsourcing to become inhouse Human Resource Management. Using our core module, loan and ESS, they could manage their staffs data and payroll processing from all 7 locations in Jakarta Headquarter.

About Penguin Indonesia

Established in 1982, it has become the market leader for water tank and chemical polyethylene in Indonesia. Not just for Indonesia market, this company also export their products to Singapore and Japan. It was the first and the only one in Indonesia who has SNI 7276:2008 (water tank product) in 2011. They have sales office and manufacturing plant at 9 location in Indonesia.

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Haermes HRM Software is successfully proven to be implemented on manufacturing plant with daily and monthly worker and sales representative.

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