Ajinomoto Group, another milestone for Haermes

After a long trial and discussion, finally Weefer finally got the deal to implement Haermes on Ajinomoto Group Indonesia. Haermes cover the Human Resource Management System of the corporate office, manufacturing plants and sales offices distributed around Indonesia. With total of 2,700 employees and still growing, Haermes is believed to improve the operational and strengthen the strategic growth of the group itself.

About Ajinomoto Group Indonesia

Starts with a big invention in Japan, Ajinomoto has been sold over 100 countries and more than 100 years. Ajinomoto Indonesia has been sold for more than 40 years and has been a secret recipe for Indonesia’s kitchens. They are trying to keep their commitment in making contribution for food and health section globally to achieve a better living for all of us. This is proven by the high and International quality provided by this company.

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Haermes HRM Software is successfully proven to be implemented on group of company consist of manufacturing plant, warehouse and sales.

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