All-in-one Cloud Solutions for a Better Enterprise

Huawei Cloud simplifies your database, network, storage, security, and etcetera with the state-of-the-art cloud technology.

And we are here to help you with it.

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Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Scalable, On-Demand Cloud Servers

Auto Scaling (AS)

Automatically Adjusts Computing Resources Based on Service Requirements and Configured Policies


Object Storage Device

Stable, Secure, Efficient And Easy-To-Use Cloud Storage

Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS)

Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS) provides  disaster recovery (DR) protections for servers.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Isolated, private virtual networks on HUAWEI CLOUD

Elastic IP (EIP)

Independent public IP resources, including public IP address and bandwidth

Elastic Load Balance (ELB)

Traffic distribution across multiple servers to achieve fault tolerance for any application

Domain Name Service (DNS)

A highly available and scalable authoritative DNS resolution service



A reliable and scalable cloud database service.

RDS for PostgreSQL

A powerful open-source relational database, with high reliability and data integrity.

RDS for SQL Server

Supports various editions of Microsoft SQL Server and simplifies the creation and management of SQL Server DB.



Network- and application-layer DDoS defense with real-time alarm notifications

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Malicious request filters to defend against any threats


Object Storage Migration Service (OMS)

An online data migration service that helps you seamlessly migrate your object storage data from the public clouds to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Server Migration Service (SMS)

Provides P2V and V2V migration services to ECSs on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Cloud Data Migration (CDM)

Migrate homogeneous and heterogeneous data between on-premises and cloud-based file Systems


IoT Device Management

Easily connect a diverse fleet of IoT devices to the IoTcloud platform to implement two-way communication for data collection and command delivery.


Cloud Eye

Cloud Eye is a multi-dimensional resource monitoring platform.

Identity and Access Management

A Web-based service that provides identity authentication and permission management.

And many other cloud solutions.

Cloud solutions are the promised land for your business, for now, then, and forever.

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