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HR Improvement Through Learning and Development Program

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weefer – Many companies digitalise their system to create a productive and efficient environment for their employees. A reset proved that technology has lots of advantages especially in optimising work time because of:

  1. the use of automation;
  2. use webinars to train employees;
  3. use collaboration and organisation tools;
  4. organise meeting online;
  5. use productivity apps to improve employees’ efficiency; and
  6. outsource work when it is needed.

Do you want to know how far technology can help you to run the company?

By using technology, you do not need to worry about how to manage your employees’ data. It will out-of-sync with database computer update once the documents are printed out.

For instance, in a company which has more than a hundred employees, it is impossible to work anything in the manual system. Moreover, it will be harder if there are new hires. HR should print out blank forms. After the new hires filled the forms, the HR must scan them to make a computer database of each new hires. In another case, the HR just put in the ways to the shelves.

More of inefficiency, the HR or the assistant needs to waste their working time. They have to train, explain, and give a test to the new hires. The HR also have to ensure that the new hires get proper material related to their job description. They need to track employees’ performance as well to see the result, and, of course, all data will be recorded as they are.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning and Development Program

Based on those issues, WEEFER brings you to the Digital era. It provides you with a platform to make efficient employees working time, to gain your company productivity, and to make your company more compatible by digitalising all the system.

WEEFER provides a platform to make the development program of the new hires and the employees in a company more efficient through SAP SuccessFactors Learning and Development. As a result, HR in a company does not need to waste much time to train the new hires and to observe employees’ development because we will help them to be autonomous.

Furthermore, by this Learning and Development program, the training material is more comfortable to be recorded and shared with the new hires to make a consistency of the process. It is also able to track the learning process and make sure that everyone complies with the requirement.

It makes both of the admin and the employee easier to check how many per cent their progress of working. If they want to see the performance of the employees, whether there are any improvements, this platform will show you its assessment of the employee as crystal clear. Through this platform, WEEFER helps you to increase the initiative and the creativity of the employees to achieve the company’s goals and to reduce the compliance risk.

This Learning and Development program can fit any size of business. It will improve your productivity and gain your revenue. Curious about how it works? Talk to us here.

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