Learning Management System

Improve Your Employee Performance with Learning Management System

Most companies want to improve their organisational strength by training their existing employees. They hope that they can advance their employees’ skills and develop their leaders. 

However, some of those companies surrendered and started to look for a “rock star” from other companies because they failed to build the right Learning Management System in their company.

Using an unsuitable learning system and maintain its consistency may take more time consuming, more effort, and cost. Companies that accidentally have chosen the wrong one might change their environment and decrease their employees’ productivity.

Learning Management System

As an HR manager, you should do a small research to look for the right system which will fit your company. 

One of the most used systems is the Learning Management System from SAP Successfactors. It offers you some features to smoothen your learning system and improve your employees’ skills. 

How does SuccessFactors Learning work for your company’s environment?

#1 Personalized learning recommendation

SAP SuccessFactors uses machine learning to give you some learning recommendations. You will get content that is relevant to your employees. 

If your employee is in the Design department, the system will recommend any course related to the department so the learning process will keep on the track. 

#2 On-the-job learning

When employees work on something, they can be stuck and got confused on how to finish their work. You may think that managers can always be there to answer any questions. 

Managers have tons of work to be done so they cannot assist other employees while doing their tasks.

To make it easy with SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System, managers can give access to the employees so they can learn by themselves. 

They can find the relevant content they need while facing some difficulties.

#3 Open content network

With SuccessFactors’ open content network, your learning environment will widen even to external content. There will be a catalogue which provides a lot of relevant content.

By associating your learning group with course, you can find the right inexpensive external content yet very convenient to be accessed.

This feature allows your employees to get course content, upload content, engage in discussions, and collaborate with external learners.    

#4 Learning from goal plans

Most leaders want their employees living up to the company’s goals and work in line with the plans. 

In SuccessFactors, employees can get easy access to learn from the company’s goal plans. They even can search for training to support specific development goals.

#5 Powerful learning analytics

SuccessFactors enables managers to monitor the learning process through its learning analytics. 

From the chart, you can see the learning process to ensure if it works as you had planned. 

There will be an analysis of how the learning process is delivered to employees. 

#6 Mission-critical compliance

As a manager, it is not possible for you to monitor any training for your employees and manage the administrative. Thus, you can assign mandatory training to your employees and set it as automated work.

It will be automatically assigned to your employees so it may smoothen the process and reduce risks. 

#7 Visibility of training and activities

This Learning Management System will give you the visibility into compliance of training, activities, and optional validated learning environment for the most regulated industries. It functions for you to make sure the learning process running smoothly.

#8 Learning marketplace

Since the learning module from SuccessFactors is limitless, you can use this for your external as well.

You can attract your customers and create new revenue for your business. Furthermore, you may create learning e-commerce where there will be a course catalogue containing any course you want to add. 

Moreover, it can be more comprehensive to not only for your customers. It will be eye-catching for any visitors who may attract them to shop their relevant content which will be recommended by machine learning. 

It also integrates with global tax engines and accepting multiple payment options.

With SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System, you can see the improvement of your employees’ skill significantly and the increasing of business revenue.
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