AnyShare Family 7
Intelligent Content Management Platform

Helps to eliminate your organization’s data silos, achieve efficient collaboration, lifecycle security, and knowledge inheritance.

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Efficient Mobile Office

  • Consistent experience across PC, Web and Mobile terminals, making mobile offices more efficient.
  • AnyShare can be integrated with your Office and Outlook, delivering content creation and sync for cloud offices in an easier way.
  • Through a cross-regional document synchronization mechanism, users from different regions, networks and organizations can access synochronous data nearby.

Smooth Collaboration

  • Set sharing options in a few clicks to restrict content visibility.
  • Online multi-person annotations without changing the original content to complete approval, achieving business compliance and orderly version.
  • Support real time co-authoring to improve efficiency.
  • Automatic spreadsheets distribution, collection and consolidation, significantly reducing manual operation costs.

Intelligent Content Insight

  • Collect knowledge data through Knowledge Base and Content Base.
  • Support automatic knowledge extraction and extensive application by innovative knowledge network.

360-degree Security Protection

  • Sensitive information control.
  • Privacy data protection.
  • Confidentiality protection (Watermark, Encrypt, Desensitize).
  • High-performance backup and recovery.

AnyShare, an Intelligent Content Management Platform for Your Business

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