Efficient, Seamless, and Secure Data Protection

AnyBackup offers a cost-effective and exceptionally efficient data safeguarding solution. It grants you the ability to easily adjust capacity according to your needs while guaranteeing adherence to security standards. You have access to expertly managed, multi-level data protection services that expedite your journey towards digital transformation.

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Tiered Data Protection

  • All-in-One, achieving tiered protection with one single solution
  • Providing efficient, economical, easy-to-use service and fully guaranteeing SLA

Efficient Protection for Massive Data

  • Distributed architecture, realizing high-performance backup and recovery
  • Providing scale-out capability to handle rapid data growth

Effective Defense Against Ransomware

  • Immutable storage,preventing backup data from tampering
  • Forced data retention,avoiding malicious deletion of data

Improved DR Capability

  • Intelligent operation of B&R system, improving the effectiveness of DR
  • DR management, simplifying DR exercise

AnyBackup, All-in-one Platform that Ensures Your Data Security

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