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The key of productive team is a good communication. Keep it runs smoothly.

Trackable chat with thread. Let your employees who work from home do audio/video conference without interruption.


  • Communicate easily with your teamwork.
  • Reply directly to the message of your colleague.
  • Use emoji reactions to respond to a message.
  • Let a new member of a group see the chat history.
  • “Buzz” a message to tell your colleague that it is an urgent message
  • Pin the most important message so you will not be lost.
  • Chatbot to create a vote, meeting assistant, and more.
  • Make an announcement to your group directly.

Calls & Meeting

  • Make an audio/video call with your team from chat
  • Easily click to share your screen with your team.
  • Create a note of your meeting right from the meeting calendar.
  • Join meeting everywhere you are on your mobile phone.


  • Subscribe any calendar to display all events in a single view.
  • Invite your colleagues for a meeting through the calendar.
  • Subscribe meeting rooms to inform other people the taken room.
  • Chat to a group meeting from the created meeting calendar.
  • Remind you of an event with a bot of calendar assistant.

Creation & Cloud Storage

  • Preview any file online so you can check it faster.
  • Create, write, and edit documents efficiently.
  • Present excel data, edit, convert to Excel file and integrate it into docs.
  • Track the revision by history tracking.
  • Easily collaborate with comments, polls, and reactions.
  • Manage your files online in Lark’s storage and access it everywhere and anytime.

Teamwork collaboration will never be better without Lark Suite.

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