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Delight customers and empower your team with automated Bots and AI.

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Freshchat - Message Channel

Message Channels

Categorize conversations into topic-based message channel for setting expectations or for routing to the right groups

Freshchat - Unlimited Contact

Unlimited Contacts

Don’t delete data of visitor who chat with you as your website traffic grows. Save and access them on any pricing plan

Freshchat - Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox

Discover and respond to vital conversations, with filtered views that sort based on time for which responses are due

Freshchat - Custom View

Custom Views

Filter conversations by team members, groups, and message channels, and save the views you access frequently

Freshchat - Customer Widget

Web Messenger

Modern, personal, and continuous. Use emojis, videos, or words. Get all the forgotten context from chat history

Freshchat - Agent Widget

Team Widget

Help your team talk to visitors with a widget that sits right inside the CRM or helpdesk apps they are on

Engage when it matters the most and automate your lead capture.

Reach out to visitors before they lose interest in your site with trigger message, in-app campaign, and bots for automation.

Freshchat - Trigger Message

Triggered Messages

Engage visitors before they stop caring. Use advanced event and attribute based targeting to send them the right message at the right moment

Freshchat - Campaign

In-App Campaign

Be the advocate your customer needs at all times. Onboard, educate, retain, re-engage. Enable everything for great customer success

Freshchat - Lead Bot


Generate leads 24×7 – even when your team is offline. Let the bot exchange pleasantries, set expectations, and reduce team dependency

Auto-assign the right conversation to the right team member.

Auto-assign conversations to members in a group based on their skill levels and conversation load also set assignment rule based on a certain condition.

Freshchat - IntelliAssign


Auto-assign conversations to team members, according to their groups, and based on their current load and skill levels

Freshchat - Groups


Create expertise-based or category-based team member groups. Route conversations to the right group, and automate assignment within a group

Freshchat - Assignment Rule

Assigment Rules

Assign conversations to specific team members or groups based on pre-set conditions like chat keywords, language, user properties, time of day, and more

Help visitors find solutions from inside the messenger.

Don’t make self-service another silo, try helping visitor from inside the messenger with FAQ integrated and multilingual support.

Freshchat - In Product Apps

In-Product FAQs

Deflect common queries with an integrated FAQ browse and search experience inside the messenger, and native FAQs on mobile

Freshchat - Multilingual

Multilingual FAQs

Extend self-help to visitors in the language they prefer. Empower your team members by giving them more than 31 languages to create FAQs in


FAQ Feedback

Gather feedback with an easy upvote or downvote on FAQ content, and keep your self-service experience top notch

Bring your team members closer to their goals with automate tasks.

Give your team everything they need to make them focus on great conversations rather than mundane task.

Freshchat - Smart Plug


Bring all the context from external apps and systems right inside the conversation view to help your team sound smarter and support faster

Freshchat - Canned Response

Canned Response

Set up pre-formatted responses for common message to reduce time on re-typing message and optimize resolution time

Freshchat - Private Notes

Private Notes

Take pointers, log updates, and record learnings. Share this with your team for collective learning and real-time sharing

Freshchat - Business Hour

Business Hours

Let your visitors know when your team is offline, and when they’ll get back. Set up automated messages that inform them this better

Freshchat - Bulk Action

Bulk Actions

Select multiple conversations from multiple customer and engage, assign, or resolve in one go. Save time, and increase productivity

Freshchat - In Product Apps

Read Receipts

Give team members clarity on the conversation status by displaying the customer read status of a message and engage smarter

Act on metrics in real-time while measuring the growth rate.

Check your team performance. Get a summary of your team performance including how fast they response, resolution time, and customer satisfaction score.

Freshchat - Realtime Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard

Get a visual summary of your team’s performance. Measure speed of response, conversation trends, resolution time, and deep dive into any team member’s workload

Freshchat - Customer Satisaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score

Measure team member performance. Find out if it was a yay or nay for your team with CSAT ratings and subjective feedback

Best of all worlds, to make smart decisions.

One of the Freshchat features which can be integrated with your favourite application.


Facebook Messenger

Manage Facebook Messenger conversations, respond to customer enquiries, and provide real-time updates in one place

Freshchat Features - Slack


Automatically convert the conversations on Slack into messages, also respond to conversations right away from your Slack

Freshchat - Clearbit


Know more about your lead. Get access to your visitor’s company details, contact information, job details, and link to social profiles

Freshchat - Clearbit


Convert conversations in Freshchat as tickets on Zendesk. Manage and respond to Freshchat conversations through the Zendesk inbox

Freshchat - Freshworks


Freshdesk user? you can strengthen them with Freshchat. Convert the conversations and support queries into tickets on Freshdesk

Freshchat - Freshworks


Auto-upload leads from chat into Freshsales. Use the Freshchat to start conversations – engage leads, qualify, and close them all from one place

Chat beyond your desk.

Instant and gratifying experiences for an on-the-go conversation.

Freshchat - In-App Support

In-App Support

Allow your app users to get in touch with you with real-time notifications, rich media and native FAQs, also support users wherever they are

Freshchat - Push Notification

Push Notifications

Alert users on mobile and team members who use the app, to respond to messages, even when they are not active inside the app

Freshchat - Mobile Agent

Mobile App For Team

Engage with visitors and users on the fly with Freshchat’s app for team members therefore designed to make selling and supporting mobile-friendly

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