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Bodynits International Pte Ltd

Developed web and mobile app for controlling fabric named Roll Management System and Inline QC for production management.







Bodynits International was founded in 1984 headquartered in Singapore. It is an active Life Style Apparel Manufacturing company serving most of the International Sports Brands with its high-quality standard products and innovations.

The Application

What do we build for them?

Web Application

Mobile Application

Fabric Warehouse / Roll Management

What Functions Of System do They Need?

  • To allow tracking and usage of the fabric roll. It handles the entire life-cycle of the fabric roll.
  • To allow quick receipt of goods for GRN via the QR code scanning. Each shipment may contain a few hundred to thousands of rolls. 
  • To use the QRcode for faster issue for the work order material requirements.
  • To be able to analyze the roll count in the warehouse as well as the practical yardage usage in terms of roll length. 

What Are The Usages Of This App For Apparel Industry?

  • As fabric constitutes a major part of the cost in Garment manufacturing, the accurate receiving and issuing of the fabric rolls is critical. 
  • By using QR code, they can handle huge quantities of fabrics in the region of 10,000 rolls to support large production facilities. 
  • Intainer that are used to store the fabric rolls can be identified with a unique QR code and tagged to a physical location in the warehouse so roll fabric locations can be tracked easily. 
  • Fabric rolls information on the Dye Lot can also be easily tracked.

“Before we had the Roll-Management (RM) system we did not have any digital system that could provide visual tracking and monitoring of our fabric rolls in our warehouse. We needed a system that could track each roll individually throughout its life-cycle.”

All Features Of This App To Meet Their Needs

Roll Tagging

  • Allow fabric roll to be tagged.
  • Generate QRcode for each fabric roll.
  • QRcode contains the fabric roll number, the dye lot, and the yardage.  It will also contain the weight and fabric composition.

Intainer QRcode

  • Each intainer has its own unique QRcode.
  • The system links each fabric roll with the intainer.

Definable Location for each Intainer

  • Link each intainer to the fabric usage classification.
    AThe current production of raw material
    BProduction is over but there may be future orders
    CPast season materials

Splitting Fabric Roll

  • Split fabric roll into another roll carrying new QRcode with the correct yardage. 
  • The old roll (parent roll) will have its yardage reduced by the split quantity.

Stock Take

  • Allow the stock take sessions to be carried out. 
  • Allow the reconciliation between the detailed fabric yardage against the ERP main warehouse system.

Stock In for Material Returned From Production

  • Allows for material to be returned from production.
  • Generate the incoming stock with a new assigned QRcode.

What Technology do We Use To Develop This App?

Web Application

  • AngularJS

Mobile Application

  • React Native
  • Zebra Scanner Integration

The Result Achieved After Using Role-Management

The result we achieved was we managed to fully integrate our Sage X3 ERP system with the RM system to fulfil the following areas: Goods Receipt and Material Issue via work orders. Where the goods will be received via RM and then uploaded to the Sage GRN transactions.  Similarly, any work order material issues will be carried out in RM and then reported to the Sage Work order tracking which tightly integrates things smoothly.”

Inline QC

What Functions Of System do They Need?

  • To allow inline QC to be carried out on the production floor.
  • Record any QC issues, linking the sewer to the quality issues and with follow-up action.
  • Integrate to the endline QC system to match the type of quality issues and the repeatability of defects.

What Are The Usages Of This App For Apparel Industry?

  • Check at every stage of production quality to rectify quality issues immediately and ensure a good quality product at the end of the sewing line, ready for a final inspection.
  • Identify training areas and skill level of sewers using statistics. Common quality issues can be identified and improvements can be targeted into these areas.

All Features Of This App To Meet Their Needs

Staging Preparation Function

  • The inline QC module has a staging preparation function to prepare the inline QC inspection details. 
  • Retrieve the Style to be made in the production line, getting this information from FastReact.
  • Allocate the different sewing steps to different sewers based on the information from Skillmath.

Batch round inspection

  • The Inline QC inspector will initiate a new round, and the inspector will go round the line by each sewer. 
  • From a batch of 5 pieces, the quality check will be made for that sewer operation, and the quality issue will be recorded if any defect is found. 
  • The inspector will still mark the quality check as complete checking even there’s no defect. Any follow-up action will also be captured in the system.

Various Dashboards

Various dashboards will be available to display different quality breakdown issues.

What Technology do We Use To Develop This App?

Web Application

  • ASP.NET Core
  • ReactJS

Mobile Application

  • React Native

Service Provided Within and After The Development

We provide system enhancements, maintenance, and support to give customers a good experience using our products and services.

We chose Weefer because our past developments on other systems have been well executed, handled smoothly and professionally. Weefer is a good fit for us as we needed a web and mobile app solution which offers wide customizations geared towards our requirements. We definitely would highly recommend Weefer as throughout the entire development of RM, the developers that were assigned to us were timely and clear in their response and the quality of support remained constantly professional.

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