Come’ on Esco Bintan! Haermes get you done everything you need!

Esco Bintan need so much something that could take care of multi shift working type, and could easily handle overtime approval so it could be well planed before it really happens. Approximately about 500 total employees and with advanced roster management, Esco feels excited and could not wait to get ready to implement Haermes right away.

About Esco Bintan

Esco is recognized as a global player in containment, clean air and laboratory equipment technology. We are highly oriented towards the international marketplace, with distribution in more than 70 countries; and a direct presence in 10 of the key global markets. Esco embodies innovation, forward-thinking design, coupled with a tradition of quality since 1978.

Esco is focused on 2 major customer segments – the laboratory and cleanroom markets. Our laboratory products include Esco Biotechnology Equipment, Laboratory Fume Hoods and Fume Filtration Products. Our cleanroom products include Cleanroom Equipment and Performance™ Cleanroom Apparel. Each division has independent sales and channel management operations but benefits from the shared resources of the group – our global presence, marketing, production and R&D operations.

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Haermes HRM Software is successfully proven to be suitable implemented in specific Manufacturing or Factory, and Biological Chemical Industry.
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