Haermes HRM in Ship building Industry

To successfully implement in Ship Building Industry (All Best Marine) that proves system has ability to describe working hours in detail and powerful handling outsourcing employees inside company. There are over than 400 total employees and modules using are: Employee Management Module, Attendance Module, Payroll Module.

About All Best Marine

Haermes HRM @ All Best Marine PTSince its inception in 1990, Allbest has carried out its services with a focus to provide quality, efficient and reliable solutions in corrosion prevention and scaffolding to our customers based both locally and globally. As the industry matures, the demands on our services are more complex and sophisticated. We are constantly reviewing, upgrading and expanding our capabilities to meet the demands of our clients.

Through years of vigorous and comprehensive training programmes, as well as extensive research & Development (R&D), Allbest is now a leading provider of corrosion prevention and tank coating services.

Allbest also supplies and distributes corrosion prevention systems, equipment, machineries and other related products. Through our subsidiary company, we offer a range of scaffold systems and supply professional and trained personnel to provide scaffolding services.

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Haermes HRM Software is successfully proven to be suitable implemented in specific Ship Building Shipyard industry.
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