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Core Module

User & Permission

Register users and determine their access permissions.

Integrated Dashboard

Process and visualize data while allowing customization based on company needs.

Report Engine

Export data to XLS and PDF, and then present in a detailed report (drill-down).

Push Notification

Telegram Messaging integration and can send a real-time notification to users’ phones.

Core Features

Comment, uploading files and images, and multi-approval features included.


All transactions in native currency are automatically converted to the base currency.


Support multiple companies and consolidated reports.

Auto Number Setup

Automatically configure invoice numbering and adapted to the current system.

Cloud Based

Cloud provides real-time data with no downtime, support for mobile and regular backups.

Purchase Module

Purchase Request

Allowing each department to issue purchase requests, and monitor the PO progress.

Purchase Order

Issuing purchase invoices or Purchase Orders printed on business letterhead.

Purchase Delivery

The warehouse department receives products from vendors and checks them according to the PO.

Purchase Invoice

Receive a bill from the supplier based on the agreed-upon price Purchase Order.

Purchase Return

Enter purchase return into this module and it will be selected based on the purchase invoice.

Purchase Payment

Automatically use the latest exchange rate when paying in another currency occurs.

Sales Module

Sales Order

Issuing sales invoice or Sales Order printed on business letterhead.

Sales Delivery

The warehouse department can issue a delivery letter to the consumer based on the prior SO.

Sales Invoice

Produce an invoice for the customer based on the agreed-upon price on Sales Order.

Sales Return

Enter sales return into this module and it will be selected based on the sales invoice.

Sales Receipt

Automatically use the latest exchange rate when receiving payment in a different currencies.

Inventory Module

COGS Calculation Module

Calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) from inventory value using the average method.

Inventory Adjustment

Easily adjusting stock/inventory values between the system and the field.

Inventory Transfer

Transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.

Accounting Module

Account Receivables

Storing credit data in the company, this data can also be stored in multiple currencies.

Account Payable

Store debt data in the company across several currencies.

Cash/Bank Transactions

Input all transactions and print cash receipts and the general ledger report directly.

Fixed Asset Module

Storing credit data in the company, this data can also be stored in multiple currencies.

General Journal Module

Make updates to the general ledger by printing out general journals.

Flexible Reporting

You can customize purchases, receipts, debt, and credit reports from the system.

Receive reports on sales, delivery, invoice issuance, debt, and credit on each customer.

Easily create and publish balance sheet statements, profit/loss statements, and general journals.

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