Finance and Inventory System You Need to Reorganize Your New Normal Financial.

Take control of your business with a fully integrated financial and inventory system. Digitalization unleashes the power of Industry 4.0.
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A simple, user-friendly, and comprehensive Accounting & Finance solution.

No more rigid, outdated process, easily customize according to your business needs.

Why Should You Choose FINNS?

Simple, ease to use

  • A web-based platform
  • No installation requirement.
  • Accessible from anywhere and whenever you need it.
  • No server maintenance.

Complete Finance Solution

  • Analyze the growth of your business.
  • Create report and journals with ease.
  • Comprehensive sales & purchasing modules

Complete Inventory Solution

  • Calculate Cost of Goods Sold with ease.
  • Adjust stock/inventory values simply.
  • Allowing inventory transfer.

Real-time Information

  • Cloud support real-time data.
  • Absolutely zero down-time.
  • Supports for mobile.
  • Backup regularly.

Simple Workflow and Approval

  • Register and determine users access permissions.
  • Control your business anywhere, anytime.

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