AI to the rescue. Decide now what job to be automated.

Because we know you don’t need repetitive work and want a smart robot. So you and your team can focus on what matter most.

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Create your plan of automation opportunities with AI. Your people will like it

Automation Hub

  • Collect automation ideas from your people
  • Vote for the best automation idea provided by your team
  • Manage your automation pipeline from idea to production
automation hub
task capture

Task Capture

  • Reconnect your experts and RPA developers to convert ideas into automation opportunities
  • Save automation suggestions as a Process Definition Document or a workflow diagram
  • Export and share your process docs to make easy your development team

Process Mining

  • Give you insight to deeply understand your automation process with data-driven
  • Dashboard using visualizations to view of how your robots, people, and system work together
  • Set up a cycle of continuous improvement accelerating the hyper-automation flywheel
process mining

Task Mining

  • Automatically analyze tasks performed by your employees and scientifically identify the best automation ideas
  • AI goes through your tasks to build visual maps and provide data-driven automation suggestions
  • Supercharge your RPA strategy with the best automation ideas


Build your own robot and reduce mundane repetitive works.

Studio X, for Business Users

  • No code with visual DIY automation
  • Easy project templates so your team can automate their tasks.

Studio, for RPA Developers

  • Advanced automation, the savvy RPA developer
  • Editor with an easy drag-and-drop for designing automation

Studio Pro, for Specialized Developers

  • All specialized activities to automate the testing projects
  • Data-driven test cases to run testing with different data variations

Document Understanding

  • Let robots learn and interpret documents to approach different types of documents
  • Machine learning develops robots’ AI to automate document processing


  • Pre-built automation components & templates to make you easy in development
  • Choose any integration you need


When your automation needs to be managed, deployed, and optimmized.


  • Deploy and monitor your digital workforce globally both in the cloud and on-premises
  • Integrate automated processes with your existing resource and process management workflow
Artificial Intelligence Fabric

Artificial Intelligence Fabric

  • Deploy, manage, and improve machine learning models, spending less time on dev-ops and engineering.
  • Bring together RPA developers, business professionals, and data scientists for more effective RPA workflows

Test Suite

  • Test teams into value centers by incorporating their experience at assets into the enterprise automation program.
  • Allow RPA teams to scale RPA at a sustainable and faster pace
Test Suite
data service

Data Service

  • Model, manage, and store business data centrally and access it quickly and seamlessly across your automations
  • Secure your data by moving data off desktops and bring it into a central repository with enterprise-grade security


  • Measure the metrics that matter to you, both the success rate across your automation or time and money saved
  • Visualize the metrics by designing your own drag and drop reports


Robots will run your automations and work with applications you like.


  • Attended robots to work with you, and Unattended robots to do your repetitive work
  • Integrate your robots with another platform so anything will work maximally

Test Robots

  • Test all of the automations and applications to ensure the quality before they go live
  • Execute tests with UiPath Orchestrator and manage the tests with Teat Manager


Create a seamless process collaboration by engaging your people and robots.


  • Connect your automations with all your apps and systems. It’s okay with no API
  • Build apps easily, deploy quickly, with no coding. Just drag-and-drop with App Studio
action center

Action Center

  • Hand off the process from robot to human for approvals, escalations, and exceptions
  • Track and monitor complex processes and identify inefficient workflows


  • Trigger robots to do things through chatbots, social messaging apps, and even voice
  • Druid chatbots that speaks 40+ languages for your customers and even can talk to your robots


  • Your personal robot assistant to help you do time consuming work so you can focus on valuable and urgent work
  • CoEs: the automation of centralized governance and visibility

Because you need a smart robot, that’s why we build RPA for you.

RPA platform where you can discover, build, run, manage, and engage your own automation