Personalise Your Expense Management Software With Customisable Template.

Create template, reporting, calculation formula and more which suits your company.

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Simplify your claim management with flexible system you can adjust.

Claim for business trip and cash loans. Give an approval for request. You can do it from your computer or mobile.

Customizable Form Layout

We provide you a claim form that you can customize as your company needs.

Receipt Date Validation

Date validation of the receipt can be set to limit the period of claim.

Amount Limit Validation

Company can limit the amount of money to be claimed by the employee per transaction.

Attachment Validation

Attachment of receipt can be determined as a mandatory or just an optional.

Support formula calculation

We support some formula for calculating such as give a limitation of claim amount.

Employee’s Entitlement Classification

The given balance amount of claim can be set different as the classification of employee.

Employee’s Access Control

As employee classification, they only can access claim types provided by the Company.

Support OCR

Scanned receipt can be read automatically and inputted directly to the system.

Cash Advance

Amount Limitation for Travel Request

Limiting advance payment of the approved travel request depends on company policy.

Support Auto Creation from Travel Request (Configurable)

Cash Advance transaction can be auto generated after a travel request is approved.

Travel Request

Input Ticket and Accomodation data

This module functions to input ticket information, hotel information, and estimation cost.

Configurable Allowance Amount based on Employee’s Criteria

Allowance amount can be adjusted as employee’s department, division, and position.

Support Multiple Destinations

Employee can request more than one destination of travel and those can be continued.

Date Validation

The system will validate your travel request to prevent overlap submission.

Travel Schedule Administration

Data of approved travel request can be managed and exported

Ticket and Accomodation Attachment Upload

Booked ticket and hotel will be uploaded and accessed by the employee.


Approval Delegation

Approver can delegate all submitted transaction to the chosen employee in a specific date.

Approval Reroute

In case of an emergency situation, approver can reroute the submitted transaction to the chosen employee.

Email Notification Service

Any activity in Swiftclaim will be notified to the related employee via email.

Audit Trial

All modifications in Swiftclaim will be saved automatically and its history can be tracked.

Roles & Permission Setting

Different role can be assigned to employees to specify different permission.

Dynamic Report

Creating report and customizing field as the needed of your company.

System Report

Predefined report where the user can input the transaction criteria to be shown.

Third Party Integration

Data in Swiftclaim can be integrated to Haermes system

Mobile Application

Swiftclaim Mobile Application support your need of mobile system to simplify your work.

Google Sign-in

Swiftclaim integrates to Google so you can sign-in easily with your google account.

Manage Your Expense in One Tool

Make sure you will not see bills piling up on your desk!