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E-commerce: Personalized Shopping Experiences


Increase Sales

Sell better and smarter with a digital shopping assistant to convert visitors into happy customers.

Reduce support costs

Save up to 90% in customer care costs by automating common user queries augmented by smart routing.

Unlock new sales channels

Amplify brand reach by connecting with customers across 40+ messaging channels.

Telecom: Virtual Assistants to help with Billing, Plans, Network Issues


Increase Sales with intelligent prompts

Have 1:1 personalized conversations about product recommendation, network plan and tech tips with customers.

Save 90% Support Costs with powerful Automation

Haptik’s IVAs are designed to solve L1 & L2 queries and automatically route more complex requests to support agents based on their skillset and chat load.

Enhance connections with omnichannel support

Effectively communicate with customers by staying in touch across 40+ channels.

Travel and Hospitality: Virtual Travel Concierge for the Entire Customer Journey


Increase Bookings & Loyalty

Simplify the search experience using natural language, determine frequently asked queries, and recommend itineraries that accelerate conversions and drive repeat bookings.

Real-Time & Faster Customer Care

Solve guest queries in real-time using AI and automate post-booking FAQs to reduce support costs.

Travel Anytime, Anywhere

Assist your guests during travel on their preferred channel of communication. A delighted customer is a repeat customer.

Finance: Digital Transformation Across Banking, Insurance, and Investments


Increase sell-rate using personalization

Personalize the plans shown to your customers based on their profiling and answer complex FAQs by understanding the user in their natural language.

AI Driven Financial Advisor

Digitally assist all customers with their financial journey, advise right products, account maintenance, post-purchase support, and reinvestments just like an account executive.

Whatsapp Business API Integration


End to End Commerce with WhatsApp Business Pro

Instant Opt-in via Missed Calls, Personalized Recommendations, and Easy payments via UPI (Unified Payment Interface) are designed to increase sales and revenue.

Engage at scale with WhatsApp campaigns

Create welcome messages, payment reminders, shipment updates, and broadcast campaigns to expand your reach and engagement.

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