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SAP Employee Engagement

  • Intelligent analytics for employee engagement.
  • Capture feedback from employee.
  • Actionable personalised dashboard to impact productivity.

SAP Employee

  • Provide automated employee surveys.
  • Optimise onboarding process with insight from new hires.
  • Reduce employee turnover with exit feedback.

SAP Employee Benefits Optimiser

  • Increase employee satisfaction with automated conjoint analysis.
  • Attract and retain top talent with Benefits Optimiser solution.
  • Real-time data to help in making decision.

SAP EmployeeXM for IT

  • Improve technolgy experience with pinpoint priority.
  • Configurable employee survey to understand implementation sentiment.
  • Combine experience and operational data to improve IT support processes.

SAP 360 Feedback

  • Actionable insight for career growth.
  • Automated workflows for employees routing.
  • 360 feedback to drive individual development and inform talent management processes.

Talent Management


  • Provide a local experienced candidate in 46 languages in nearly 200 countries.
  • Internal recruiting initiatives for increasing remployee retention.
  • Use machine learning for salary recommendations.


  • Onboarding portal to connect new hire to the right people and content.
  • SAP Signature Management by DocuSign for supporting e-signatures
  • Support the compliance of tax laws in transferring locations.


  • Learning programs and development goals for career path.
  • Automated learning assigments based on criteria and effective date.
  • Engage external with relevant learning opportunities.

Compensation Management

  • Allocate funds to optimize budget utilisation.
  • Compensation planning for decision-making in recognition and rewards.
  • Centralised employee compensation administration.

Performance Management

  • Support Objective & Key Results (OKR) management
  • Align employees with goals using Performance Reviews & Evaluations
  • Developing goal using SMART goal recommendations.

Succession and Development

  • Build an engaged-workforce by identifying employee competency and skill levels.
  • Intelligent mentoring programs and leadership development plans.
  • Succession planning strategy effectiveness measurment.

HR Analytic & Workforce Planning


  • 2000+ predefined HR metrics which has been standardised.
  • Workforce analytics to provide timely and relevant workforce insight.
  • Analyse and forceast trends, headcount, hiring, and turnover.


  • HR planning with Strategic Workforce Planning Tools.
  • Headcount planning and forecasting with Operational headcount planning.
  • Cost controls with financial modelling and impact analysis.

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