Email Template for Saying “No” to Customer

Email Template for Saying “No” to Customer

The most terrifying word to say to a customer is saying “no” through an email. Customer support must be very careful to deliver something if there is something they cannot do. The customer may request anything. However, it is normal when you are not able to fulfil their request.

It is not because you are not capable to do that. It can be many reasons why sometimes saying “no” to a customer is needed.

Before sending an email, you need to check the email template first. You cannot say directly like “Sorry, we can’t fulfil your request” or “No, we cannot do that”. Remember that customer retention and satisfaction are still your priority. 

These are some tips of customer support email template for saying “no” to a customer you should follow.

Saying no from the beginning

Some people may think that saying no is the most difficult job to do as customer support. When typing an email for a customer, you may try to be as polite as possible. The body of an email may consist of 3-4 paragraphs that you try to explain with a better way to say no in the end.

It is actually even worse because you can build hope for the customer.

So, it is better to say no at the beginning than surprising them in the end. 

Always ask their reason

When customers ask you something to do for them or request something to add to your product, do not forget to ask them the reason why they want it. 

By asking them the reason, you will understand what actually they need and what you have to do for them. 

Do not forget to tell them back your reason why you cannot fulfil what they want. It will make them understand as well that you care for them and try to meet their needs.  

Give solutions and other options

It sounds impossible for some business, but if you cannot fulfil what your customer wants, you need to give them another option even if that will be your competitor. 

When they need something crucial and you cannot meet that, it is better to let them go. You cannot hold and give them promise too long. 

You can make a list and do some improvement even they choose to go. If you help them well to find the best solution, they will get back to you after you have the service they wanted before.

Overcompensating is not the way

When you have to face this, do not overthink like it is the end of the world. If it comes to your head and makes you say a bunch of sorry, it will not make the situation better. 

It will make even worse if you give them some goodies for just saying no. They will be back not because of your product, but your offering. It will make them come to you again and again for bidding.  

Every “no” is the first “no”

Saying “no” 10 times a day will down your mood. However, it will be the first time to be heard by your customer. 

There will be a time where you need to say sorry so many times when the updates of your product did not work well for your customer. It will make you tired at the end of the day and maybe you will repeat it tomorrow. So, cheer yourself, make every “no” is the first “no” you say in a day.

Show your empathy and say sorry

When the request of your customer is out of your scope, you need to show them that you are sorry for that. Trying to calm them down and explain to them well. You need to make them know that you actually understand what they need. Moreover, avoid any unnecessary word and negativity to make everything works smoothly.

Besides writing an email template, every customer support team needs the right helpdesk to manage every message from customers. Whether they send a simple question or even complain, helpdesk like Freshdesk can help you to define the priority. It will make you easier to make a decision. Interested to try our Freshdesk for FREE?

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