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Customer Service Manager, You Need To Have These Skills!

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Being happy to face many people from a different background is not enough to be a good customer service manager. 

Maybe you think that replying a thousand emails per week or picking up a hundred calls per day makes you a master.

The fact, you need to have more skills than your customer service team. You have to be able to take care of complaints or questions from the customers and ensure their satisfaction, help your team to improve their performance and think the best strategy to improve customer experience.

Turn out, it will never be enough. You need more skills. Here are we list you 7 more skills as follows.  

#1 Give motivation to employee

You may think that all managers should have this skill. Yes, you are definitely right. To give a good motivation, you also need to have good communication skill.

Besides, giving motivation does not always come through words. You do not always have to collect a thousand beautiful words or entertain them when they get down. 

Your attitude as a manager is what matters. When your team needs you, you have to be there to help them. Do not forget to give them a chance, respect and appreciation for what they have reached. 

#2 Provide the right training

Every employee must find difficulties at work and they need their manager to help them out. Giving them an answer is not enough to make them learn. That is why you need to give your team the right training. 

Training is not only needed by the new hires but also all employees. As a manager, you need to figure out what they may need to improve their professional skill. 

You can make a bunch of question for them to answer. It is like small research to solve the puzzle and find what they really need.

#3 Make an organized workflow

Two skills that should be had by every customer service manager are decision making and problem-solving. 

A manager should hold a meeting, capable to handle difficult issues and make a complex decision for what your team should do. 

You need to know how to organize the workflow and make everything runs smoothly. Do not forget to communicate with your team so you and your team can work in harmony. 

#4 Able to handle de-escalation

Every customer has a different characterization. There is a customer who quickly feels satisfied, a customer who wants to get a fast response, a customer who throws a ton of questions, and many more. 

Although your team has put their big effort, you have to realize that there is a customer who wants you as the manager to handle their issues. They will say directly to one of your team “Can I talk to your manager?”.

When this situation comes out, you need to be able to face de-escalation of the issue.  

#5 Track team’s performance

To ensure the quality of the customer service, tracking performance of your team is the main key. You can hold a regular assessment, ask your team feedback, and check the score of customer satisfaction.

You also can track their performance through an agent performance. There will be numbers of how many tickets they handle, how many problems they solve, how many times they take to solve a problem, and many more. 

However, you cannot depend on this matrix only. You need to interact with them regularly to know any difficulty they face.

#6 Improve the operations

The task of your team will get an increase if the expectations of the customers are getting higher. 

It turns out that improve their professional skills is not enough to fulfil all customers satisfaction. That is why you need the right helpdesk to help them increase their productivity. Thus, they can respond to the ticket faster and define the priority of the issue.

You can find a helpdesk which has a knowledge base. This will enable your customer to find what they need faster, so your agent can focus on a higher priority. 

#7 Explore the new possibility

Business runs so fast these days and it opens the possibility that your competitor has stepped ahead of you. Some businesses have put support and customer experience in the first place. When you give a bad experience, you will make your customers move to other products/services.

Thus, it is your job as a manager to explore the new possibility and make plans for another good strategy. Because the business needs to move forward, so you need to have a big plan for the future.


Being a customer service manager makes you need to have different skills with agents in your team. You have to be able to make an important decision, solve a difficult problem, lead your team, and ensure that they work in line with the goals of the company. If you have those all skills, you can make both of your team and your customers run smoothly.

Besides, every support team needs the right helpdesk to manage every message from customers. Whether they send a simple question or even complain, helpdesk like Freshdesk can help you to define the priority. It will make you easier to make a decision. Interested to try our Freshdesk for FREE?

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