AI to the rescue. Decide now what job to be automated.

Because we know you don’t need repetitive work and want a smart robot. So you and your team can focus on what matter most.

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You need a comprehensive Robotic Process Automation platform for hyper-automation.


Plan with your team what jobs need to be automated by analyzing your line of business systems.

  • Automation Hub
  • Process Mining
  • Task Capture


Build your own automation, then test and validate it to automate any desktop or web-based apps.

  • Studio
  • Marketplace
  • Document Understanding
  • Native Integration


Provision, deploy, trigger, track, and ensure the security of every robot in your organization.

  • Orchestrator
  • AI Fabric
  • Test Suite
  • Data Service
  • Insight


Run a robot to free your employees from repetitive work and supercharge productivity, and let robot work in the background independently.

  • Robots-Attended and Unattended
  • Test Robots


Hands off the process from robot to human by using low code app builder for delivering engaging experiences

  • Apps
  • Action Center
  • Assistant
  • Chatbots

Because you need a smart robot, that’s why we build RPA for you.

RPA platform where you can discover, build, run, manage, and engage your own automation