Deliver a faster, more secure, and lighter Document Management System.

Kabinet.ID is a Document Management System (DMS) that can handle various types of content, from corporate documents, images, videos, reports, and so on.

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Your Essential Information In One Place.

Manage, store, and retrieve your files centrally with cloud-based system

Time Saving

Saved files and data will be indexed with specific keywords, making them easier and faster to find.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Using DMS can minimize the use and handling of paper to reduce your company financial burden.

Protect Crucial Information

Control who can access and see files and content to ensure your data safety.

Increase Productivity

Automate invoice processing, contract management, and other document processing faster.

Complying Standards & Regulations

Audit log features, automated backup procedures, and AES 256-bit encryption that meets the standards.

Why Kabinet.ID?

Kabinet.ID is engineered to deliver easy, fast, and secure access to your company files and documents.