Discover More HRIS Features

Bring you many unimaginable feature to make your system more advanced

Interactive User Interface

Flexible HRIS interface let user could decide whats fields / information that is shown, support drag and drop, clicking sorting, and every setting stored to different users

Email Notification Service

There is a setup to configure schedule notification alert for every modules, so system would be triggered to send those emails to setting recipients according to the Company’s needs

Exporting Data to Various Format

With the interactive interface, user could easily obtain correct information, and after the display as user wanted, then user could easily export data to various formats, such as: spreadsheet, rich text format, PDF, or HTML format

Reporting Tools & Customizable

Haermes has included a complete suite of reporting engine with integrated reporting designing tools which could let user easily to redesign or create a new report themselves. And it is free license tool included

Audit Trial Log History

System captures every changes of the information which done by the user, so the admin user could be able able track back the person did changes and what changes they did

Security & Permission

Haermes’s security is designed as four levels of security setup which are: Module Level Security, Record Level Security, Property Level Security and Report Security

Numbering Format Setup

We understand that numbering document could have different requirement in every companies, so Haermes could let user to configure format which consists such as prefix, suffix, reset logic, and number of the sequence

All Data Supports Import

Data could be directly imported into Haermes Table using the Import Module. The format can be configured by user according to the table design of each modules in the Haermes

Third Party Integration

Haermes has successfully implemented few projects to integrated to various legacy ERP Vendor’s product. Most of the integration is Payroll Process Result that posting directly to finance’s journal

What is Haermes?

Haermes Complete HRM Solution is the best choice for your company to manage huge human resources, provide a very flexible configurable rules, and complex reporting available for analyze

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