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Sales Cloud

Marketing Campaign

Improve overall operational efficiency and lead conversion rate by integrating marketing leads from various channels.

Lead Management

Automatically import sales leads, track leads, and utilize a lead pool to boost lead conversion.


Configure complicated items and price models, manage discounts and promotions, and ensure quick and precise quoting.

Account Management

The 360 degree view effectively defines customer profiles with real-time updates on account information to improve efficiency.


Automatically track payment status, update invoice balances upon payment, and get automated late warnings.


Attach payment plans and invoices to contracts and orders, keep financial balances accurate.

Performance Management

Set multi-category, multi-dimentional, multi-period sales and targets. Visualize the progress and ensure achievement.

Data Analytics

Individualize reports and view data on mobile devices and web portals. Get complete insights and information to make better decisions.

Marketing Cloud

Customer Acquisition

Capturing leads through multiple channels to improve lead volume.

Multi-channel Tracking

Monitor user behavior to provide insights for a better lead conversion.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads and improve conversion rate.

Lead Segmentation

Automatically separate leads based on demographics or behavior for more precise targeting.

Campaign Management

Complete campaign management for online and offline events, increase operational efficiency.

ROI Analysis

End-to-end ROI from leads to deals, maximizing marketing ROI.

Comprehensive Report

Detail reports that provide for data-driven decisions.

Field Service Cloud

Automatic Service Order

Automatically distribute work orders to the right field engineers, enhancing work efficiency and reducing total operational costs.

Mobile-service Solutions

Easily manage field service process from order claim, onsite checkin, inspection, and maintenance.

Knowledge Base

Assist field engineers to get information on the go to speed up issue solving using comprehensive knowledge base.

Customer Survey

Get immediate feedback and evaluation from customer upon service completion to improve the product and service quality.

Customer Service Cloud


Improve productivity by analyzing the quality of services provided by agents using multi-dimensional data visualizations.

Omni-channel Supports

Allow customers to communicate using their own preferred channels, including phone, SMS, email, and more.


Built-in 24/7 knowledge base to provide around the clock online assistance for customers.

Service Inspection

Record calls and conversations as auditable records to help enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

Business Analytics Cloud

Cloud Based

Cloud based distributed processing technology offers reliable and efficient processing of big data.


Show diagrams and graphs using unified dashboards for easy review.

Data Security

Control your organizations data access using role based permissions.

Report Sharing

Data sharing features allow for collaboration and discussion with colleagues, improving team work and efficiency.

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