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Create powerful (no-code-at-all) Intelligent Virtual Assistants to your businesses. Amplify engagement, increase conversions, drive revenue, and many more. You tried the rest, now prepare for the best AI-Powered Conversation.
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A Happy Customer is All About Good Conversation

Customers have more choices for everything and they want it fast. That’s why a good conversation is required, a good AI-Powered conversation… even better. Our Conversational AI Solutions help customers find the best information with humanized conversation.

Best-in-class NLU (Natural Language Understanding)

Haptik’s in-house NLU helps your business with the most humanly possible CUX (Conversational User Experience) for your customers. Our NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine & Deep Learning models ensure maximum accuracy and reduce bot failures.

AI-Driven Analytics

Track and research your business insights by diving into real-time conversation data. Smart Funnels, AI recommendations, CSAT, NPS and many more are ready at your will.

Out-of-the-box Channels & Integrations

Create personalized, consistent, and meaningful conversations from all channels that your customers use every day. Use our robust out-of-the-box integrations to unify all your customer experience tools together & provide better customer experience.

Why Haptik?

Strategic Partnerships & Scale

Haptik is a part of the Jio, Google & Facebook ecosystem (including WhatsApp), and MyGov India. Furthermore, we pledge to deliver reliable scalability and performance for your business.


Haptik enables Enterprise-grade architecture with 99.9% uptime. Its compliance with GDPR and ISO: 27001 ensures the highest security protocol for your business.

The time is now. Start your business growth with Conversational AI Solution