Powerful Single Board

The most vital feature is you can manage everything with just one single board. Monitoring your team task and see who’s in charge with the task

  • Adding task, mission, project, and to-do list never been easy easier
  • Assign your team mates to specific task on projects
  • Monitoring the status of the on-going task on projects
  • Planning your workload overtime
monday.com Features Project Management Software Solutions Task
monday.com Features Project Management Software Solutions Collaborate Team Works

Communicate with team

Communicate with your team in one place to reduce meeting process, and long email thread

  • Mention one or everyone of your team members
  • Real-time notification
  • Drag-drop feature for document or files
  • Leave comments or thumbs on your team mates work

Time management and plan ahead

Visualize the schedule of your project at once with powerful single board

  • Visualize your planning for the team
  • Assign project task to team members and set their schedule
  • Ensure you’ll meet all of your deadline
  • See who’s busy and who’s not also how fast they finish the task
monday.com Features Project Management Software Solutions Timeline

Best monday.com Features is... You can stay connected

Integration with apps you love

Enhance your work by integrate monday.com with your favorite apps. With this you can work twice harder and faster

Mobile Support

One of monday.com features is you can stay connected on your phone or tab device. So everywhere you go, you still can access your task

monday.com features Project Management Software Solutions Mobile and Integration

Free Product Demo

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