Monitoring Your Employees Health Condition While They Work From Home During COVID19 Pandemic

Provide Up-to-date Articles

Get up-to-date articles related to COVID19 Pandemic, healthy lifestyle, and other tips for you to keep productive while you work from home.

Set Reminder Notification

You can set the time to remind your employee to fulfil the health report daily. They can choose the option and take a note related to their health condition.

Monitor Team’s Condition

Thousand of employees will not be a matter because you can set every team leader to monitor their team’s condition so it will simplify in managing the report.

Filter The Report Date

By filtering report date, you can specify what report on a certain date you want to see so you can find out the condition of a particular employee quickly.

It is better to monitor your employee’s
  • health condition
to make sure your business runs seamlessly during COVID19 Pandemic.

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