Lead Management

Automatically capture your website visitors as sales leads and group them based on their engagement with your website. Assign them to the right salespeople on your team.
Reach out to each lead with complete context and an informed call-to-action

Freshsales - Medal ico
Lead Scoring

Know which sales lead is hot and who’s not, using lead scores. Prioritize follow-ups with data-backed insights

Freshsales -Profile enrich ico
Auto Enrichment

When a lead is added in the sales CRM, their social profile information and photo are automatically updated in their profile

Freshsales - 360 view ico
360° Customer View

Access customers profiles & identify customer touchpoints (website, product, interactions, appointments), and more

Freshsales - Territory ico

Group your sales team by territories. Focus on areas that closing more deals, also identify territories with potential business

Freshsales - Auto-lead ico
Auto Lead Assignment

In each territory, let the sales CRM automatically assign leads to handpicked salespeople on your team

Freshsales - Appointment ico
Shared Storage

Schedule appointments with leads and customers; collaborate with your team on tasks. Manage shared file and notes

Deals Management

Transform your sales pipeline into a well-oiled revenue engine—organize, analyze, prioritize and close deals faster. Use the sales CRM to bring visibility and velocity to your

Freshsales - Visual Pipeline ido
Sales Pipeline

With a single sweep, locate the deals in each stage, sort and filter them to get a better view of your pipeline

Freshsales - Deal Status ico
Deals Status

How many deals are under review? What is the value of these deals? Get these insights instantly from the deal stage bar

Freshsales - Simple Drag Drop ico
Drag-Drop Navigation

Move deals across your sales pipeline with a simple drag and drop. Like organizing your filing cabinet

Freshsales - Action Oriented ico

Make calls and send emails to prospects right from the deals dashboard. You don’t have to click into each deal to act on it

Freshsales - Track Deals ico
Track Deals with Mobile

Keep track of your deals from the palm of your hand, with the Freshsales mobile CRM app for Android and iOS

Freshsales - Deal Age ico
Deals Report

Create reports based on time taken to close deals. Optimize your sales process and improve your reps’ performance

Event Tracking

When your visitors make key decisions on your website and with your product, don’t miss a beat. Get real-time analytics from the sales CRM to power your next

Freshsales - Web x App track ico
Web & App Tracking

Which web pages are your prospects visiting? How do they interact with your product? Leverage these insights for smart conversations

Freshsales - Activity Timeline ico
Activity Timeline

Get a chronological timeline view of each prospect’s activity, so your sales team can pick the right moments and close deals faster

Freshsales - Behaviour Segment ico
Behaviour Segmentation

Using the data collected by the sales CRM, segment a contact’s activities and learn more about their engagement with your company

Freshsales - Advanced Lead Scoring ico
Advanced Lead Scoring

Score leads based on their characteristics and behavior, so you know which leads are close to a sale and which others need nurturing

Built-In Phone

Buy numbers, assign them to your sales reps, and start making calls—all from the sales CRM. With automatic call logs, every call in Freshsales is captured; you can also manually
log calls you receive outside Freshsales

Freshsales - One Click ico
One-Click to Call

No extra software/hardware costs. Just place calls with one-click from inside Freshsales application!

Freshsales - Conversation History ico
Conversation History

View all conversations in one place. Make your next sales call or schedule appointment from the same interface

Freshsales - Assign Number ico
Assign Number

Purchase local and toll-free numbers from inside Freshsales and assign them to your sales reps to start call

Freshsales - Log Calls ico
Log Calls

Sit back and let the sales CRM automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls. Stop worrying about faulty call logs

Freshsales - Personalise Welcome ico
Personalize Message

Record a voicemail, upload a greeting, or type your voicemail message that will convert into audio by Freshsales

Freshsales - Phone Reports ico
Phone Activity Records

Know outgoing calls that made by each sales rep on specific time period. Quickly generate team shared charts & tables

CRM Email Integration

Create emails that matter. Find out how they are performing with your contacts, automate your sales campaigns, and never miss another email

Freshsales - Email Tracking ico
Email Tracking

Get real-time notifications of the email on click and open the email, and instantly plan your next course of action of what to do

Freshsales - Conversation History ico
Sales Campaign

Stop depending on other tools—use your sales CRM to create them. Send bulk emails to prospects and create campaigns in minutes

Freshsales - Assign Number ico
Personalize Templates

Create email templates to avoid typing out the same message to multiple contacts. Personalize the templates and ensure they sound one-on-one

Freshsales - Log Calls ico
Insightful Email Metrics

Show the rates of opened and clicked email of all your email templates. Optimize your A/B tests to create effective templates

Freshsales - Personalise Welcome ico
Sales-first Inbox

Received an email from a lead/customer and forgot about it? Use“Awaiting Response” feature to find a complete list of emails awaiting your reply

Freshsales - Phone Reports ico
Team Inbox

Sales reps can check others unanswered emails, get instant context, and follow-up right away. Immediately reply the emails

Sales Report

Your team works hard to hit your targets, but you also need to analyze how they’ve done it. Drill down into your sales numbers, reps, and campaigns. Create reports to find out
how your sales practices can be your best practices

Freshsales - Customize Reports ico
Customize Reports

Control the reports that will generate to your leads, sales figures and sales reps. Get granular insights in chart formats of your choice

Freshsales - Visual Sales Report ico
Visual Sales Reports

Get clear, in-depth reports from the sales CRM. Choose from a variety of charts and tables, and glean information in seconds, not minutes

Freshsales - Revenue Analytics ico
Revenue Analytics

Get numbers on sales reps, territories, sources, campaigns and more. Create data-backed sales strategies and drive better sales numbers

Freshsales - Report Dashboard ico
Reports Dashboard

View multiple reports on a single screen. Use dashboard templates or create your own, and share them via the sales CRM

Freshsales - Sales Activity ico
Sales Activity Reports

Evaluate sales by your reps’ activities. Pull up reports based on emails sent, calls made, appointments scheduled, and tasks completed

Freshsales - Trendline Reports ico
Trendline Reports

Evaluate sales by time. Create reports to identify lead/deal trends over weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly time periods

Intelligent Workflows

Don’t spend time on mundane activities. Create workflow automations that operate like clockwork, so you can find more time for activities that actually move the needle

Freshsales - Update Fields ico
Update Fields

Use events as triggers to automatically update fields in Freshsales. Make changes to lead and contact profiles in real time

Freshsales - Set Follow up ico
Set Follow-Up Task

Create a follow-up tasks for sales reps around important events, like when a customer’s subscription is up for renewal, sales will automatically follow-up

Freshsales - Auto Send Email ico
Auto-Send Email

A new lead in your CRM? Use custom templates and set up workflows to automatically send a welcome email to the leads

Freshsales - Connect to Others App ico
Connect to Other Apps

Use webhooks to connect with helpdesks and accounting tools. Deliver customer support and send invoices without leaving your sales CRM

Mobile Support & Others Apps Integration

When you’re away from your desk, you know you aren’t away from your leads and deals. Keep your sales going from your smartphone without missing out on anything. Also
drive revenue by integrating Freshsales with other business tools

Freshsales - Make More Sales ico
Make More Sales

Get a 360° view of leads, contacts, accounts, and deals from your smartphone. Don’t stop selling when you step away from your desk

Freshsales - Plan From Phone ico
Plan Schedule

Use the calendar in the sales CRM to view and schedule meetings, make calls and send emails. You can also book an Uber from the Freshsales app

Freshsales - Stay Connected ico
Stay Connected

You will receive notifications when a new lead, deal, or task is assigned to you. Get reminders about upcoming meetings

Freshsales - Add Notes ico
Add Notes Feature

You can add notes and set follow-up tasks even on meeting. Quickly schedule your next appointment too—all from the mobile app

Freshsales - Freshdesk ico

Create & modify Freshdesk support tickets from Freshsales. Every contact created in Freshsales is synced with Freshdesk

Freshsales - Freshsales for Web ico
Freshsales for Web

You can use Javascript, Ruby, Java, PHP and Python libraries in Freshsales to track real-time web visitor activities on your website

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