HR Digital Transformation

HR Digital Transformation Event at Best Western Batam

Thursday, 19 May 2018, Batam Best Western Hotel

The first stop for our roadshow for HR Digital Transformation is at Best Western Hotel in Batam Island, Indonesia. Batam is also the headquarter of Weefer itself. We have 3 speakers for the event, which are:

Robert Liandro from Weefer

  • Mr. Riko Jayasaputra, HR Practice from IPSM (Ikatan Praktisi Sumber Daya Manusia)
  • Ms. Amy Lim, SAP SuccessFactors SEA SME & Channel Leaders.


During the event we gained some insights about Today Changing World. Today is about new innovation, disruptive event and uncertain global and local issue which impact a lot to the business activities. We are talking about how The People in the company, which is the most important asset for the company, can drive the company towards today world  and make improvement and win in the competition.

Human Resource Department is the key of this HR Digital Transformation Journey for People in the company, and Weefer introduces how technology and process digitalisation can bring the impact to the company through automation of the daily operation using our Haermes (attendance automation, payroll improvement, employee self service, mobile self service, pph21) and also manage the talent of the people using SAP SuccessFactors (recruiting, on-boarding, performance appraisal, compensation, learning management, succession and development)  itself in the company.  Human Resource Department is not longer only cost centre for administrative work in the company, but it has been transformed to become the driver for the company to achieve the Company Goal.

If you are director or business owner who want to know how this transformation can bring the impact to your organization please do not hesitate to contact us. Weefer is your partner for HR Digital Transformation Journey.

Event Presentation File

NB: if you need other presentation files (SAP SuccessFactors – Talent Management Suite, Haermes – HR Automation Tools, Current HR Challenge and Global Trend) please send your inquiry to us 

Robert Liandro



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