Bredero Shaw Indonesia made the right choice by using Haermes

Haermes as their HRM Software

Bredero Shaw Indonesia made a decision to implement Haermes core module and ESS module to manage total of 500 employees. The challenge was on the hourly worker calculation and the roster shift. Being satisfied on the implementation, Bredero Shaw was looking to expand the implementation to Singapore office.

About Bredero Shaw Indonesia

Bredero ShawBredero Shaw is a division of ShawCor Ltd., a growth oriented, global energy services company specializing in technology-based products and services for the pipeline and petrochemical sectors, as well as other industrial markets. Bredero Shaw’s Kabil facility is strategically located in the new Kabil Industrial Estate on Batam Island, Indonesia, in order to effectively service clients in the Indonesian and international markets with greater flexibility and minimum transportation costs of bare and coated pipes.

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Haermes HRM Software is succesfully proven to be implemented on oil and gas pipe manufacturing plant with hourly and monthly worker.

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