Local Basic in Indonesia uses Haermes HRM

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PT. LB Technology located at Batam Indonesia which is originated from Local Basic Group Malaysia, and successfully implemented Haermes HRM with total employees are over than 400, and modules are: Employee Management Module, Attendance Module, and Payroll Module.

About LB Technology

In 1995, Local Basic Sdn Bhd started its journey into the world of contract manufacturing in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, with only 50 staff and 300 workers, specialising in custom-made solutions for manufactured parts made from all kinds of metals.

Today, from a 60,000 sq ft factory space, Local Basic’s new location in Gelang Patah (South Johor) tantamount to 253,000 sq feet of professional, efficient and reliable contract manufacturing facility.

This new investment propels custom-made solutions to a higher platform in the company’s production capability and customers can expect a one-stop service concept all from the same location.

Find out more about the company, click here.


Haermes HRM Software is successfully proven to be suitable implemented in specific Manufacturing industry.
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